Become Death, the grim reaper, waiting patiently at the edge of the afterlifes for the end of time.  When a robotic thief breaches Death’s lair and steals its scythe, Death must give chase through a mythological landscape of afterlifes inspired by Greek, Norse, and Aztec mythology extrapolated forward over the millenia.

While most platformers only let you move left and right and only control the timing of jumps, Afterdeath gives players full control over the angle of each jump using the controller thumbstick.


With Afterdeath, I sought to recreate the experience of gaming in college, passing the controller around on levels according to everybody’s skills.  By designing each of the game’s worlds to complement different playstyles – exploration, risk-taking, fear, speed – I created an ever-changing landscape to challenge solo players or encourage them to share with their friends.  With a corresponding unlockable character that embodies the theme for each world, there’s a number of level/character combinations to match any player’s style.




hot-headed Undead Icarus tactical Traveler
robot clown car
running of the bulls



Einherjar Encampment

it's a trap!

Death's lair

branches of Yggdrasil

close encounters

Valhalla worldmap

charon's ferry

you'll get the axe!

bridge crossing




10011, design, programming, art, sound
Justin Aftab, music, sound
Madeline Jacques, art


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