Nonadecimal Creative is a collaboration between imaginative minds to produce satisfying stories and unscripted interactions.  Focus areas include procedural narrative, simulating human behaviors and emotions, modeling complex systems, and natural language processing.


Two experiences in its founder’s life inspire Nonadecimal Creative:

– Working in autonomous robotics and automation created an interest in breaking down human decision-making into simple systems of rules and recreating personalities in software.

– Designing stories, puzzles, and ARGs for the developers of the Matrix Online MMO revealed storytelling as a scripting language for altering perceptions to cause conflict or cooperation in a virtual world.

Nonadecimal Creative’s mission is to expand on these ideas (and other ambitions) in the simulated worlds of videogames while continuing research into artificial intelligence and long-term planning agents.


Black Ice [in Steam early access], writing the game’s main story, designing the world, and creating an engine to generate characters, missions, and unscripted stories

Procedural narrative and simulating human emotions in virtual agents

Automata Empire [released April 8, 2016] (press page), a cellular automata strategy game about governing unruly monsters and feedback loops

Social Justice Warriors [released May 12, 2014] (press page), a satirical role-playing game about dismissive labels and the pitfalls of online interaction

Souls & Accounting [postponed], a corporate management game about valuing profit above all else (also randomly generated demon employees)

BIKE GAME [postponed], a cyclist’s nightmare biking through traffic on an infinite reality-shifting highway

Afterdeath [canceled] (press page), a mythological platformer where you control the angle Death jumps in order to find its stolen scythe in a multiverse of afterlifes


“Social Justice Warriors fascinated me because it shows the potential that video games have beyond entertainment: to be instruments of education, and conduits through which ideas can be disseminated, shared, and discussed.”
Why We Need Games Like Social Justice Warriors – IGN

“I love this, I think. I’ve been a fan of Conway’s Game of Life ever since I first read Levy’s book, and it’s so interesting to see how little of a nudge it needs to be transformed into something like Automata Empire – and how much it in turn brings to a genre that I thought I understood.”
Automata Empires: An RTS Based on Conway’s Game of Life – Eurogamer

Automata Empire featured in PC PowerPlay issue #252 (page 32)


IGN Interview for Social Justice Warriors at PAX South 2015

Sup Holmes Interview about Social Justice Warriors and The Matrix Online, 2015


Automata Empire – Release Trailer

Social Justice Warriors – Steam Release Trailer


Nonadecimal dev and Social Justice Warriors at PAX South 2015 along with devs for Black Ice, Earthtongue, and Wrack




10011 = creative lead, code, art, sound
Justin Aftab = music, sound (Automata Empire, Social Justice Warriors, Afterdeath)
James Hostetler = art (Souls & Accounting, Automata Empire)
Maarten Boot = art (Social Justice Warriors)
Madeline Jacques = concept art, marketing (Souls & Accounting, BIKE GAME, Afterdeath)