This week Social Justice Warriors was invited to join the Indie Gala Bundle, the second largest after Humble. Between now and October 3rd you can get Social Justice Warriors and nine other Greenlight games for as low as SJW’s standard price, $1.  That means at no extra cost, you can support the nine up-and-coming devs of the following games:

Undead Legions
Three Fourths Home
Sam Glyph: Private Eye
Mind Dead
Into The Gloom
Catmouth Island: Episode 1
Bomb The Monsters
Banzai Pecan: The Last Hope for the Young Century
Astroloco: Worst Contact

Plus, thanks to your votes on Steam, Social Justice Warriors is now ranked #59 out of the thousands of games on Greenlight.  That means it’s already time to start working on SJW Update v2, which will incorporate feedback from reviewers and Indiecade judges, add achievements for using all of SJW’s unlocks, and most excitingly, introduce Steam trading cards for the game. Do you think people would like a Social Justice Warrior badge on Steam?

Social Justice Warriors in the Indie Gala Bundle

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