I was able to put out an initial gameplay video last weekend showing three of the levels from the first world of the game.  The Cliffs of Despair are styled after the Greek underworld and the mythologies of their afterlife.  Not all restless souls will be at peace with Death, making it a challenge to cross the river Acheron and follow Captain Buzzkill into the next afterlife.

This weekend I’m working to expand the foundation of the game by adding the world map from which players will choose which paths to explore in their search for the missing scythe.  Once that’s done, I’ll be adding dozens of new levels to populate the maps.  There’s more than a few sketched out in my design notebooks just waiting to be converted to a playable format.  I’m excited to have new levels to test with Afterdeath’s current four characters.  Each level brings new depth to the characters’ individual movement schemes and new challenges for me as both player and designer.

Any guesses which afterlife Death will find itself in next?

The Greek Afterlife of Afterdeath

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