The last couple months have been a whirlwind of new developments and site updates always seem to get pushed to the bottom of the to-do list in favor of making games.

For a quick rundown, I crunched hard to get 5 functional characters into Afterdeath, attended GDC in San Francisco for my first time, got horribly sick afterward with a foreign illness that my immune system didn’t know how to handle (I blame Thomas Noppers!), devised a brand new game in response to a videogame controversy-of-the-week, and then crunched hard to make that game as fast as possible despite a multi-day power outage.


Some of those things deserve their own posts, particularly GDC which was completely packed with exciting stories and events.  I’ll try to keep moving that up my to-do list.

For now, here’s the latest Afterdeath gameplay video I have to share.  It shows four very different characters getting across Thanatos Chasm.  I’ll have more Afterdeath videos of the new characters to share soon and lots of big news about the new game, Social Justice Warriors.

update, update, so many updates

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