In the 2080s, government regulation and national borders are a distant memory and megacorporations fight for market share.

Seeking purpose after losing her job, Mako downloads the hacker suite ouroborOS to get healthcare for her friend’s sick daughter.  But with corporations’ unlimited power to defend their agendas, her good intentions are a gateway to even bigger problems.

Get Black Ice on Steam!  Featuring singleplayer campaign and 10-player multiplayer!

Black Ice is many things:

  • high-mobility cyberpunk looter/shooter with an incredible number of movement and combat abilities to combo. So customizable you can even unequip your sprint and jump to replace them with more guns. After all, hacking is all about finding ways to break systems and become untouchable. But the corporations are constantly upgrading too with nearly 100 security types and unique enemies to combo against you.
  • massive cyberspace open world to explore as you breach corporate AI defenses, steal their secrets (and tech!), and unravel conspiracies. Race along the information superhighway as you vault from one megacorp’s gigantic neon skyscraper to another. From monumental worldbreaker megastructures to tiny hacker black markets hidden in the cracks of the world, there are endless wonders to find. Like the Phish Market.
  • A very human cyberPUNK story centered on helping people and building communities in a struggling corporate dystopia. Shiny cyberpunk tech is only as good as the people who use it and each person you save has skills that can be leveraged for the greater good. When the world seems bleak, all it takes is someone who can remove an obstacle when they need it most. Sometimes literally, like when someone’s debt is so high that their apartment’s pay-per-use door won’t let them out.
  • Infinite customization and replay value with a progression and unlock system that adds new weapon types, dozens of unique perks that radically change your gameplay, and a very forgiving respec system so that you can always try new things.
  • Multiplayer and modding. You can play co-op or pvp with up to 10 friends and the enemies and loot will scale to match your group for maximum fun. Whether solo or multi, anyone can mod the game to add their own unique weapons and items. It’s not a real hacking game if you can’t hack the game itself!

The Iceverse

In the 21st century, cascading proxy wars and unchecked monopolies lead to the collapse of nation-states and the rise of non-localized corporate governance. Three billionaires sought to fix the world’s problems by building a quantum computing network to bind the world’s corporations in self-optimizing contracts. But algorithms can be manipulated and a new era of cyberwarfare rages.