Command line hacking is so last century. Plug in to the neon grid of cyberspace where corporate servers are defended by swarms of vicious spiders and deadly aimbots.  Luckily, you have the best icebreakers your money can buy and nobody’s security is unbreakable.

Enter Mako’s digital future where megacorporations fight for market share in a world where government regulation and national borders are a distant memory.  Recently terminated by her employer, Mako downloads the latest intrusion tech and seeks new meaning trying to get health insurance for her friend’s daughter.  But with corporations’ unlimited power to defend their agendas, her good intentions are a gateway to even bigger problems.

Black Ice is a cyberpunk FPS from the Super Duper Game Company that’s full of lasers, loot, and… lots and lots of spiders.  Nonadecimal partnered with Super Duper to create Black Ice’s story, world design, procedurally generated missions, and strategic AI for its enemies. You can find more information about this work below and on the Procedural Narrative page.

Get Black Ice now in Early Access on Steam! Featuring singleplayer campaign and 10-player multiplayer!

The Iceverse

In the 21st century, cascading proxy wars and unchecked monopolies lead to the collapse of nation-states and the rise of non-localized corporate governance. Three genius billionaires sought to fix the world’s problems by building a quantum computing network to bind the world’s corporations in self-optimizing contracts. But algorithms can be manipulated and a new era of cyberwarfare rages.

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