Released Games

Black IceAutomata Empire
Black IceAutomata Empire
Early AccessReleased April 8, 2016
open-world cyberpunk FPS RPGcellular automata RTS about feedback loops
Press Page
Social Justice WarriorsThe Matrix Online
Social Justice WarriorsThe Matrix Online
Released May 12, 20142005 – 2009
social commentary RPG about logical fallaciescreated multi-year ARGs and story arcs
Press Pageimprov acted characters in live events

In Progress

procedural narrative
Jovian Nightsprocedural narrative
episodic generative narrative
on a station orbiting Jupiter
generating dynamic unscripted stories

Unfinished Experiments

Souls & Accounting
Souls & AccountingTerraforms
demon corporate management sim about greedterraforming ecosystem
collapse sidescroller
2018 7DFPS game jamDecember 2014August 2012 – March 2014
gunless FPS: battle demons with jazz instrumentssurvive biking on an infinitely shifting highwayfirst game made for Xbox360
2D afterlife platformer