Social Justice Warriors is a satirical role-playing game that transforms the medieval fantasy heroes of RPGs into social media crusaders facing an endless horde of ignorant internet trolls.

Social Justice Warriors expresses frustration with how people use divisive labels – like “SJW” and “troll” – to discredit and silence each other. No matter what social values you have, attacking and ridiculing other people not only fails to achieve progress but has an additional effect of escalating the conflict while exhausting your patience and eroding your reputation.

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  • For the month of December 2014, all proceeds Nonadecimal Creative received from Social Justice Warriors sales were donated to the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention, raising $200. Read more here.
  • In November 2016, Social Justice Warriors was part of A Good Bundle, raising more than $160,000 for the ACLU and Planned Parenthood. Read more here.
  • In June 2020, Social Justice Warriors was part of the Bundle for Racial Justice and Equality, raising more than $8 million for the NAACP Legal Defense and Educational Fund and community bail funds. Read more here.

For a more thorough explanation of why this game exists, read Releasing a Social Justice Warriors Game or Making a Social Justice Warrior Game.

The Warriors

Social Justice Paladins duel foes with 140 characters or less while shrugging off attacks with a press of the Block button, at least until their foes create new accounts.

Social Justice Clerics serve in the name of their patron subdeity, taking solace in its comforting presence to heal and summoning its divine power to smite their enemies.

Social Justice Mages conjure powerful constructs of fact and opinion to alter minds and reality while occasionally summoning an activist organization or hurling a scathing fireball of a blog post.

Social Justice Rogues fight fire with fire. Throw flurries of vitriolic character attacks, confuse enemies with smokescreens of alternate accounts, then delete your accounts and withdraw into the shadows of the net.

The Social Justice Ranger

The warriors and their opponents fight and fall by the measure of their Patience and Reputation meters.  Trolls confound your patience with logical fallacies and ad hominem attacks while actively working to destroy your reputation with wild accusations and photoshopped evidence of your misdeeds.

How you choose to respond to these attacks is up to you.  Relying solely on logical arguments to change minds doesn’t work very well online, but resorting to personal attacks and mudslinging will erode your moral high ground.

The Social Justice Druid

With the aid of your warrior allies and a few mysterious outsiders, you have the ability to reshape the conflict. Take down a multitude of trolls to attain a new high score or make sacrifices to become a noble Social Justice Champion, who takes no joy in tearing down other human beings. The Champion relies on mediation and reconciliation, listening to their concerns and proposing mutually beneficial compromise. The utility of compromise is just as uncertain as destroying opponents, but a Champion values its beliefs more than temporary gratification.

The Social Justice Champion

Box Quotes

  • “Social Justice Warriors shows the potential that video games have beyond entertainment: to be instruments of education, and conduits through which ideas can be disseminated and shared.” – IGN
  • “Possibly the best named and best concept game out of all of PAX South.” – Polaris
  • “It’s brilliant! I’m just smiling right now at how I went from being judgmental and angry about a game I hadn’t even touched to happy and giggly once I’ve taken my time to review and check every knack possible.” –
  • “brilliant example of using GAMEPLAY to make a point without trying to shove it down someone’s throat. yes, yes, and YES!” – @TheChicMonster
  • “HOLY MOLY I LOVE YOUR GAME. I’m digging the art, the music, and the writing is making me laugh so crazily much.” – @JaymeeMak
  • “Satirical game about uselessness of arguing on internet immediately inspires useless arguing on internet” – Kill Screen


You can now buy your own Social Justice Warriors shirts, mugs, masks phone cases, and miscellany to smite trolls in style.

Nonadecimal gave away 1700 of these limited edition Social Justice Warrior pins at Indiecade, PAX South, GDC, and PAX East.  Hope you enjoyed them!

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Email the developer for interviews. You can find more information and screenshots from the game on the Social Justice Warriors press page.

The Social Justice Sorcerer

Let’s Play!

As a developer, there’s nothing more exciting than watching someone play your game.

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The Social Justice Bard