Big news! Social Justice Warriors v3 released on Steam on February 27, becoming the first Nonadecimal Creative title on Steam.

It’s been an exciting rush of development crunch time after waiting in Greenlight limbo for nine anxious months. The greenlight announcement came while I was in Texas running a booth for the game at PAX South.  With another booth coming up at PAX East next week, that left me only a few weeks to commission new art from the talented pixel artist Maarten Boot and new battle music from music maestro Justin Aftab, plus create art assets for Steam’s exhaustively specific icon sizes, master the Steam API for unlocking Steam achievements, and fix all the bugs and new content ideas that emerged at PAX South.

Unsurprisingly, I went most of the month without sleep (it’s almost 6 am right now after another round of Steam bugs to fix) but I feel like the Steam release is nearly perfect with the v3 “Steamy” update. This is the third time I’ve updated the game since it first released in early May 2014 and looking back, it’s come a long way. The original v0 release didn’t even have sound effects! And now there’s over 300 attacks and 1600 lines of dialog in the game.

If you already owned the game on another store (, IndieGameStand, Desura, Humble), you’ll be able to redeem a Steam key through your original purchase.

Next week I’ll be heading to PAX East. If you’re there, you can grab one of the 10 Social Justice Warriors in the form of a pin. I’m bringing 1100 this time so hopefully I won’t run out on Day 1 again. Hopefully you can spot my booth on this map.

Here’s what changed in the v3 “Steamy” SJW Update!

Update v3 – February 27, 2015

-added multiple dialog options to all 30 player attacks
-expanded troll attack pools for each troll type
-rebalanced class attacks and unlocks
-added unlockable Steam achievements and art
-added epic endgame music track
-added warrior and troll avatar pics (thanks @EricHermit!)
-persistent weapon/armor bonuses from Sorcerer gifts
-critical hits now occur properly on a Natural 20
-added fullscreen support with scaling for multiple resolutions
-flip initiative arrows to indicate flow of combat (thanks everyone who suggested it!)
-added particles to highlight effects of Druid riddle outcomes
-fixed simultaneous death/healing bugs that left player trapped halfway off screen (thanks PAX South testers!)
-display extra high scores at higher resolutions
-fixed menu object scaling
-revised attacks that contribute to combos
-reset combo after Druid re-gifting
-rebalanced criteria for support class appearances
-new HowToPlay screens
-fixed Ranger animation bugs
-fixed 1 pixel reputation meter misalignment for real this time
-increased character limit for sub-deity name
-fixed infinite leveling glitch
-increased gamepad input dead zone
-fixed text/UI bugs, typos

Social Justice Warriors v3 Released on Steam!

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