I’ve always lived an improbable life. Things that you’d assume were unlikely to occur happen to me way too frequently. Fortunately, more of those improbable events are good rather than bad, so I’m generally very lucky.

Unluckily, I started the 2020s getting blindsided by a car at full speed as I left work on my bike and went headfirst through their windshield without a helmet. Probably the unluckiest thing to ever happen to me. I almost died a couple times but was impossibly lucky. My bike got split in half but my legs didn’t. A nurse was driving past, saw the accident, and kept me alive until the paramedics arrived. I got a concussion and skull fractures but somehow avoided any major brain damage. I’m so grateful that everything and everyone was in the right place at the right time to keep me alive.

Surviving a near-death experience is like nothing else. I’ve never been so fired up to finish my projects. I want to make ALL THE THINGS. I don’t want to go any slower than a sprint. An entire cyberspace world swirls at my fingertips as I finish making Black Ice.

The volcano fortress of a narcissistic billionaire, a digital forest grove, the kinetic temple of a regretful physicist, the elaborate skyscrapers of corrupt megacorporations. All brimming with stories. And I happen to have some firsthand experience with greedy insurance companies now.

Coincidentally, I do have a Patreon for Nonadecimal now to help make it all happen. Rest assured I’m never biking without a helmet again.

Impossibly Lucky