In the 22nd century, the Oshiro Corporation built a deep space mining station orbiting Jupiter. The high risk, high reward lifestyle of the outer solar system attracts the desperate and the eccentric, but not many survive long enough to collect the hazard pay. With Earth recovering from a corporate dystopia and Mars a playground for the rich, Jupiter is their last resort.

Jovian Nights generates the story as you play, creating an endlessly evolving saga. Like an infinitely generating game of The Yawhg. With each 30-minute multiplayer session structured as an episode of your favorite sci-fi TV show, you and your friends determine the fates of a rotating cast of characters.

The crew may be expendable but as you expand the history of the station and unlock new seasons of the story with each finale, the station becomes the center of endless plots and solar intrigue.

Jovian Nights is still in development. For more info on generative narrative, check Nonadecimal’s Procedural Narrative goals.