Good news! After careful consideration, you’ve been selected as the new CEO of one of the most profitable demonic corporations!

As Chief Evil Overlord, it’s your responsibility to oversee the day to day operations of the company:

  • hire the most ruthless and cunning demons to staff each department
  • manage a workforce of monstrous cults to strip mine other worlds and exploit their resources
  • manufacture cursed consumer goods to sell to gullible humans in exchange for their souls… and then harvest their tasty human resources
  • maintain employee morale with a combination of bonuses and beheadings
  • buy demon politicians’ votes in the House of Reprehensibles to get valuable tax breaks
  • and of course lie, steal, and bribe your way to profitability!

Work hard to meet the Board of Executors’ quarterly souls projections and maybe they’ll let you keep your head.

Souls & Accounting

Get To Know Your Company

Normally, running a company is complicated, but your staff carry enough weapons to cut through any red tape. Here’s what you can expect from each department of your company.

The Biggest Office

As CEO, naturally you get the biggest office. From here you can buy political candidates into the House of Reprehensibles. Whoever gets the most money wins and, whether they’re a Demoncrat or a Repugnant, their votes are always for sale.

Murders & Acquisitions

Deploy your team of headhunters to steal the competition’s employees — alternatively, assassinations only cost a small fine. Of course, your own employees are going to be backstabbing their way up the corporate ladder too, so remember to keep hiring new interns to fill any vacancies.

Runes & Development

Design cursed sports cars, selfie sticks, cosmetics, et cetera that will give your human customers what they desire most, but also inflict the most ironic tortures upon them. Monkey’s paws are so last millennia!

Souls & Accounting

Your salesdemons are experts at exploiting human desires to sell them your cursed products in exchange for their souls. Even though you don’t actually get their souls until they die, the more torturous the curse you’ve given them, the more their souls appreciate in value over time.  While aged humans with pricey souls might seem like the best customers, you can make even bigger profits getting humans hooked while they’re young.

Human Resources

Hire monstrous cults for labor and then liquidate your least valuable human customers to harvest their “human resources” to feed your laborers. But if they start asking for more, there’s no shortage of lawyers in hell who can void their contract.

Exploitation & Production

Assign your labor cults to strip mine resources from other dimensions, then build factories on the barren remains while sabotaging your competitors’ own operations.


In recent mythology, demons represent the worst qualities of humanity.  They deceive, they cheat, they steal, they corrupt.  Through the stories of their immoral deeds, we are taught to act morally in opposition to their influence.

Souls & Accounting is an attempt to represent the worst qualities of the business world through the immoral acts of corporate demons.  In the extreme meritocracy of corporate demon life, the most exploitative rise to the top and the rest die off.  Contracts are made to be broken and stealing from your competitors is just smart business.  Lawmakers are bought into office and murders only cost a small fine.

As a simple strategy game that puts you in charge of acting out this corporate power fantasy, Souls & Accounting challenges you to re-examine the world we live in today.