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  • Scythe Theft Scythe Theft The latest update to Afterdeath added the opening cutscene showing Captain Buzzkill breaching Death's lair and stealing the scythe. Watch it here!
  • second look at Icarus second look at Icarus The reckless, hot-headed Undead Icarus glides into Afterdeath as a new playable character. Check out the new animations and then download Afterdeath to test his speed.
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Nonadecimal Creative is a collaboration of people who enjoy making things.

Our focus project is Afterdeath, a hard skill-based platformer. For updates, check the Afterdeath blog. You can test Afterdeath too. Become Death

Our ongoing projects are an emotional state machine for simulated agents and a procedural narrative manager.
For more information about these projects, contact us by robotic courier.

Destined for GDC

I’m heading to GDC, the big game developers conference in San Francisco, for the first time this year.  I’ll be in SF from March 19-22 and if you’re there too and want to meet up and talk games or show me your project, let me know on twitter.

I’m maintaining a twitter list of all the games people I know who are attending to make it easier to find interesting events and opportunities throughout the week.  Let me know and I’ll add you to the list.

I’ll carry Afterdeath with me everywhere I go so give me a shout if you’d like to play it yourself.  It’s currently packing a challenging 50 levels across 4 worlds, along with 4 playable characters.  Check them out in the video below and then try it yourself.

Afterdeath Entered to the 2014 Independent Games Festival

the four worlds of Afterdeath

It may have taken a few sleepless weeks but Afterdeath was submitted by the IGF ’14 deadline with 8 minutes to spare. It now incorporates almost 30 levels from four of the six game worlds, including the Greek underworld, the Norse Valhalla, a dark Aztec-themed maze, and an afterlife for candy, in case you were wondering where candy goes when it dies.  It’s an absolute monarchy ruled by a king-size chocolate bar, built on the slopes of an active sugar volcano. Your conscience is clear now.

This doesn’t mean the work is done, however. I’ll continue working hard to polish the existing levels and add new ones to flesh out the four worlds. If you’d like to help, you can download the latest playtest build and provide feedback about which parts of levels were hard to beat and how long it took to beat each level in the Playtester Forum.

Looking for Afterdeath Testers

With less than four weeks left until the IGF submission deadline, Nonadecimal is providing daily builds of Afterdeath for indie game and platformer enthusiasts. To let you explore the game, these builds contain 20+ levels from the first four game worlds, an already unlocked alternate character, the All-Seeing Eye, who only moves by bouncing, and several hidden collectible souls of historical figures who have escaped Death’s collection.

You can start testing the game with the link and instructions in the playtester feedback forum.

Here’s some speed runs of early levels to give you a brief look at what you can do with Afterdeath.

Afterdeath Gameplay Video #2

Here’s a new gameplay video incorporating all the graphical and technical improvements from the last three months.  This video demonstrates the player control over Death’s jump angles as the force of nature tracks its scythe across the Cliffs of Despair, the Greek-themed underworld.  Plus, it features a new unlockable character, the All-Seeing Eye!

The Eye’s special movement mechanic instantly transforms normal levels into challenging puzzles of trajectories and reflexes.  Without any limbs, the Eye can only move by manipulating its shape to bounce off surfaces and altering its air resistance.  That means that by the time the Eye is airborne, its fate is sealed!  As you can see in the video, this creates a number of new ways to navigate each level and prove your skills.

Afterdeath Gameplay Video #1

Three levels from the cliffs of the Greek underworld, just beyond the shores of the River Acheron.