For most of my life, I wanted to be a scientist. I never dreamed of being a game developer.

Yet after working in autonomous robotics and automation, obtaining a physics degree, and watching a strange world become stranger, videogames started to seem like the best way to explore my ideas and share them with other people.

Here are a few of the areas that I would like to explore through Nonadecimal Creative. If you’re interested in any of these too, fire a tweet at @Nonadecimal and maybe we’ll have an interesting conversation.

Creating an RPG that relies on procedural narrative, building the story from the player’s actions instead of the other way around.

Designing an emotional AI for simulated agents that have dynamic objectives, feelings, and relationships with human characters and other simulated agents.

Modeling simplified explorations of complicated real world scenarios. For example:

  • the interconnected mess that is the global economic and financial system (corporate backstabbing in Black Ice)
  • the economic and societal foundation of incarceration
  • the feedback loops involved in the global ecosystem (cellular automata feedback loops in Automata Empire)
  • how people treat one another (an attempt: Social Justice Warriors)

Reinforcing behaviors of deductive reasoning and empathy

Making people more comfortable with probabilities and statistics

Making people more comfortable with very large numbers

Reinforcing an understanding of the basics of chemistry

Reinforcing knowledge of Earth’s history, possibly through fictional representations of historical events (a tiny attempt: the mythological afterlifes of Afterdeath)

Making a game for corvids to play. They already have a documented grasp of causality, problem-solving, and analogical reasoning. Seems like they could play videogames!