To express my gratitude for all the votes supporting Social Justice Warriors on Steam Greenlight (87% and rising!), I spent a couple weeks expanding the game with juicy sound effects and spicy new troll attacks.  Anyone who has already purchased the game should be able to download the latest update for free using their original download link.

Here’s what’s changed in the v1 update:

-Added 36 new sound effects for each class’ six attacks and special game events
-Added 50 new troll attacks and fallacies
-Fixed special animation for the troll attack that inspired the game
-Fixed bug that let trolls instakill with double damage heavy attacks
-Rogues can now backstab after hiding in shadows
-Unlockable attack requirements have been lessened
-Double-digit and triple-digit scores now display properly
-Intellectual and Popular Troll bosses won’t spawn until Round 3+
-Rabid Troll mini-bosses won’t spawn until Round 2+
-Added special introductions for all troll bosses
-Decreased frequency of troll’s heavy attacks
-Adjusted attack text and stats
-Hall of Champions now properly documents the death of a Social Justice Champion
-Added Controls to the main menu
-Added How To Play menu option for people who don’t learn by experience
-Fixed menu bugs
-Fixed sanity/reputation UI bugs
-Replaced Credits quote with one more commonly attributed to Mark Twain
-Removed link to Greenlight page

There’s never been a better time to pick up the game.

Social Justice Warriors Spicy, Juicy Update