Automata Empire’s online multiplayer is here!

You can now play 2-4 player matches against your friends around the world, proving yourself a master strategist. Or form an alliance to drive back the undead hordes on Migration and unlock a rare cooperative achievement. Show off your skills on Steam’s global leaderboards. Plus the newly added stats page tracks your progress and reveals the state of the ongoing rivalry between the Red and Purple factions (sorry Orange).

It took a little longer than originally planned but multiplayer wouldn’t have been possible without all the extra features, performance improvements, and bug fixes released in updates 1-3 over the last few months. I challenged myself to achieve a lot of new things with this game: gamified cellular automata, AI that can play an RTS competitively, online multiplayer and leaderboards. I’m proud of what we’ve been able to accomplish with Automata Empire. If you agree, please leave us a positive Steam review. Thank you!

And I hope that 3 of you will help me defeat all the undead so I can unlock that brand new achievement. As an added incentive, the game is going to be 25% off all week to celebrate the multiplayer launch. Tell your friends!

Here’s the full patch notes for this update:
  • added online multiplayer with multiple region servers
  • added Stats page to display past gameplay performance
  • added online leaderboards for multiplayer high scores
  • added 2 new Steam achievements for cooperatively eliminating the undead on Migration and for beating the game’s developer in multiplayer
  • more performance improvements
  • monsters now wear monocles properly in the postgame awards
  • fixed construction timer bugs
  • normalized the length of turns in singleplayer and multiplayer
  • fixed bug that caused undead to arm themselves faster than they should
  • fixed issues with long names in postgame awards
  • fixed bug that caused buildings to destroy when picking up a flag in CTF
  • fixed several bugs that caused game to freeze in CTF
Automata Update #4: Multiplayer, Stats, Leaderboards