It’s back to work and business as usual.  After a sleepless workweek, everyone got a brief sugary taste of the Harvest Day festivities taking place in the Sucrose Sovereignty, one of the six game worlds of Afterdeath.  February has come and gone too soon, but it was not for nothing.

The character classes have been overhauled, allowing the ongoing fine-tuning of Death, the All-Seeing Eye, Dead Icarus, and the Traveler.  Moving platforms have been added, redone, and finalized, ready to whisk the player away to new places.  Projectiles are also getting a makeover, providing far more customization in the level editor to create more nuanced maps.

Now that I don’t have to draw smiling saccharine serfs day and night, I’ll be striving to produce more art assets to bring the Greek underworld to life… or bring Death to the Greek underworld.  In the absence of bad luck, there should be new gameplay videos soon for World One of Afterdeath, Cliffs of Despair.

the shortest month