An Afterdeath Ouya Giveaway

Update 13/12/20: The contest has ended. Big thanks to the 62 people who entered according to the rules. And an especially big thanks to the 8 people who submitted videos of Afterdeath. Together they completed a combined 108 levels!  You can find the links to their videos below.  I will be rewatching the videos and streamlining the levels thanks to their feedback.
They’ll have their revenge on me tonight when I stream my own speedrun of 30 Afterdeath levels on the Nonadecimal channel at 7PM PST.  The number of times I die will seed the random number generator that picks the Ouya winners.  I’ll contact the two winners this weekend and hopefully ship the consoles by Christmas. Good luck to all!

Update II 13/12/20: The stream was great, a lot of people tuned in and got to hear about the level design and mythos of Afterdeath while enjoying Justin Aftab’s amazing Afterdeath soundtrack.  I died 134 times while clearing the game and seeded the random number generator which selected Peter Lavelle (@TRSCP) and Eldon McGuinness as our Ouya Giveaway winners!

It’s the Festivus season, so I’m giving away two Ouya consoles to two lucky people with the spirit of Festivus in their hearts.  That way, they’ll be ready to play Afterdeath on Ouya when it’s released next year.  From December 6 to December 19, you can donate your entries to the giveaway through a few gaming good deeds.

The Airing of Grievances

You got something to say? Get one and only one entry for following @Nonadecimal and retweeting one of the Ouya Giveaway announcements.  Like this one and this one.  But no need to stop there.  Tell us what you think of Afterdeath, platformers, Ouya, or anything indie games.  Get it all out in the air.

Gather Around the Festivus Pole

Everybody has different opinions, but we’re still all stuck in this together so we may as well enjoy it.  Get one entry for uniting with the Afterdeath community on Facebook and another for tracking development on IndieDB.  While you’re there, check out some of the Afterdeath soundtrack and gameplay videos.

Feats of Strength

Here’s your chance to really prove your gaming skills.  Download the latest build of Afterdeath, grab a controller, and work those thumbsticks!  Record a video of you playing the game, share it, and you’ll get an entry for every level you can beat, using Death or the bouncing All-Seeing Eye.  I’ll keep adding new levels and balancing the old ones throughout the contest period, so keep checking the changelog through December 19.

Ouya Giveaway Rules

If there’s one thing gamers love, it’s winning by any means possible, so we’ll throw down some rules.  Only one collection of entries (current maximum 32) per person.  Multiple retweets do not give extra entries.  Only the entries of those following on December 19 will be counted.  One entry is awarded for liking the Afterdeath Facebook page. One entry is awarded for becoming a watcher of the Afterdeath IndieDB page.  A feat of strength constitutes a visual record of playing a level from spawn to Level Complete screen, either with Death or the All-Seeing Eye (or new characters).  Beating a level with both characters doesn’t give two entries.  I’m willing to mail the Ouyas to any remote location where shipping does not exceed the cost of an Ouya.  There’s no guarantee the Ouya will arrive in time for Festivus.

The winners will be selected through an appropriately complicated series of events. The contenders’ names will be listed a number of times equal to their entries in alphabetical order.  I will then play Afterdeath from start to finish, streamed live on Twitch December 20 at 7PM PST.  The number of deaths at the end of my speed run will be used to seed a random number generator, which will then determine the winners.  May Death have mercy on us all and the best of Festivus be with you.

The Feats:
Afterdeath – “Ragnarok Draws Ever Nearer” 17.77s Speedrun
Let’s Play Afterdeath! Episode 1 : This Doesn’t Seem That Bad….
Let’s Play Afterdeath! Episode 2 : Get Ready To Jump Your Ass Off!
Let’s Play Afterdeath! Episode 3 : MOVING PLATFORMS ARE THE DEVIL!!!!
Let’s Play Afterdeath! Episode 4 : Updated Maps and Another Treasure!
Let’s Play Afterdeath! Episode 5 : VALHALLA!!!!!!!!!
Let’s Play Afterdeath! Episode 6 : SWEET VICTORY!!!!!
Let’s Play Afterdeath! Episode 7 : Running With The Bulls!
Afterdeath Part 1
Afterdeath Part 2
Afterdeath Part 3
Afterdeath Part 4
Free Game Friday – AfterDeath Edition
Afterdeath : 2d Death Platformer + Ouya Giveaway [Nonadecimal]
Afterdeath – Nonadecimal [Ouya Givaway](Cliffs of Despair: 1 – 7)
Afterdeath – Nonadecimal [Ouya Givaway](Cliffs of Despair: 8 – 19)
Afterdeath – Nonadecimal [Ouya Givaway](Valhalla Ascent + Sucrose Sovereignty COMPLETE)
Ref’s Spotlights: Afterdeath (Early Build, PC)

Afterdeath will be available for Ouya, Xbox Live Indie Games, and PC in 2014.  You can get the latest development news from the Afterdeath devblog or IndieDB page.

An Afterdeath Ouya Giveaway – Festivus for the Rest of Us