After the fantastic showing at PAX South last year, Nonadecimal’s going back to San Antonio for Round 2!

This year I’ll be back at the Black Ice booth 14063, helping out with the cyberpunk FPS for which I’ve been writing and attempting to generate engaging story quests. Black Ice really transformed over the past year and I look forward to being part of its developing story.

PAX will also be the public debut of Nonadecimal’s new game, Automata Empire, a RTS inspired by cellular automata and Conway’s Game of Life. You can watch me playing the game live on XSplit’s twitch channel Saturday the 30th at 3:45 PM Central (1:45 Pacific). I fully expect to get destroyed by the new AI I’m writing tonight.

You can be the first to play Automata Empire Saturday night at the Indies Need Booze PAX after-party. Everyone at the party will get a free Social Justice Warriors key on Steam, as well as a handful of other party favors. You can pick up tickets for the party on Eventbrite. 10% of ticket sales will go to the AbleGamers charity, which supports accessibility for people with disabilities.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have hundreds of lines of Automata code to write before my 3am flight to Texas.

Nonadecimal Back at PAX South 2016