I’m glad everyone’s so excited about Automata Empire. I’m excited too! Making this game has been a fun challenge and I can’t wait to see what strange systems people engineer within the cellular automata mechanics.

Unfortunately, there was a bizarre accident a few weeks ago in which my dev computer’s USB port and motherboard were briefly ON FIRE. I guess I should have known better than to listen to Dethklok while coding the game.

Luckily, the game’s code backed up before it went up in flames and Automata Empire was saved! But sadly, this means the game will not have online multiplayer available at launch.

I will order new desktop components and arrange a solution to finish testing multiplayer so I can make that feature available as soon as possible. I’ll make an announcement when multiplayer is back online. Since it’s unusual that an indie cellular automata RTS has multiplayer at all, I hope nobody will be upset by this delay.

Meanwhile, I’m looking forward to seeing screenshots of your mighty empires on the community page this weekend! Thank you all.

Launch Day Tomorrow! Multiplayer Delayed Due To Fire