Have the standard consumer holidays left you feeling gloomy? Downtrodden by the abundance of cheer? There’s a cure for that.

It’s Festivus for the rest of us! Get free videogames* for playing videogames!

*Antichamber, Awesomenauts, Bastion, Black Ice, Deus Ex, Dr. Spacezoo, Earthtongue, FTL, Guacamelee, Intruder, Jazzpunk, Lenna’s Inception, Quarries of Scred, Risk of Rain, Soundodger+, Steam Marines, World of Goo


Sounds easy, right? Then you’re ready for the 2014 Feats of Strength. For Nonadecimal’s First Annual Festivus Giveaway, bright-eyed consumers threw themselves at the merciless levels of Afterdeath for the chance to win two Ouya consoles. But that was last year.

This year, 21 champions will walk away with a free game of their choice. But to get the game of your dreams, you’re going to have to claw your way to the top of the Festivus pole.

That’s where BIKE GAME comes in. A cyclist’s nightmare on an infinite highway. Play it free on Game Jolt, take a screenshot of your farthest distance, and tweet it with the hashtag #BIKEGAME.

The 21 people who bike the farthest by January 31 each get to pick a game out of the remaining titles until there’s none left. And right now those people are:

  1. @Retrostyle2: 3590m +50 – Intruder
  2. @MonoS94: 2480m +50 – Jazzpunk
  3. @CrackAttics: 2110m +50 – Lenna’s Inception
  4. @Foxxerist: 1470m +50 – Lenna’s Inception
  5. @WholeLotOfGames: 1130m +50 – Risk of Rain
  6. @abduelhamit: 1090m +50 – Soundodger+
  7. @Idubbbz: 1040m +50 – Black Ice
  8. ryguytheguy: 952.63m – Antichamber
  9. @Stump_Grinder_: 916.77m – Guacamelee
  10. @RadJor64: 811.45m +50 – Lenna’s Inception
  11. @DetectivePixel: 799.55m – Deus Ex
  12. @ArturGigon: 591.54m +50 – Lenna’s Inception
  13. @luizpsc: 562.84m +50 – (declined prize)
  14. @B4ttleCat: 549.11m +50 – (declined prize)
  15. @Teh_Bucket1: 438.29m +50 – Earthtongue
  16. @Purple_Pimper: 465.39m – Dr. Spacezoo
  17. @TRSCP: 396.77m +50 – World of Goo
  18. @MrReidio: 439.10m – Steam Marines
  19. @like100bears: 389.01m +50 – Lenna’s Inception
  20. @mmickyman: 355.77m +50
  21. @JKashaar: 349.96m +50

(last updated 02/01: CONTEST CLOSED! I’ll be contacting the winners one by one on Twitter to select their prizes)

What are you waiting for? Go ride bikes! 

And if you actually read down this far, let me make you a deal. Retweet the tweet below and I’ll add an extra 50 meters to your score.

Second Annual Festivus Showdown